Thursday, June 4, 2015

My new Bayareaknitter Podcast is now LIVE!

After contemplating this for quite awhile, I've decided to take the plunge and join the podcasting world! I've been really bad at keeping up with this blog on a regular basis, but I think podcasting may get me back into the swing of things! It's much easier to talk about things, and just say what I want to say! So, here I am! You're about to watch my first episode! My wonderful friend, designer, Lorna Miser was kind enough to be my first guest and help me break out of my comfort zone. This is totally unedited and raw! What you see is what you get! And I had total stage fright during the first few seconds... or maybe it was minutes... Anyways, just watch... you'll see... I did get more comfortable once we got going!  We filmed this at her home in Folsom, CA yesterday morning. We had just returned from a week in Columbus, Ohio where we attended TNNA (The National Needlearts Association Tradeshow). So, we were very tired and unorganized. But we tried to give a little recap of the event, although I know we left out so many things! I promise to take better notes and create an outline for my next episode where I will share more goodies with you that I brought home from the show! Please leave a comment here on this post and let me know what you think! I would love it if you would tell me what YOU would like to see and hear me talk about! Give me some ideas! One thing I've already noticed is that the volume seems really low on this episode. I do believe I need to wear a mic. Something I didn't think about while recording yesterday. So I do apologize in advance for the low sound quality. Anyhow... go ahead and have a watch! I hope you enjoy! :)


  1. Great job Christine!! I'm so glad you had Lorna with you for your first podcast, she is so well known and I know you two are good friends. As far as what to talk about here are some ideas:

    What designs are you working o?. What do you knit for yourself when it's not a design for a magazine/yarn company? Whom are your favorite designers? What are your favorite fabrics or yarns? What upcoming events are you attending? Where in your home do you knit? Where else do you like knitting? What other interests do you have? (plug Jamberry :) What are some challenges you face as a designer? Maybe other special guests would be fun too. What other podcasts do you listen to/view? Tell us more about your background/family. Hope all those ideas help.
    I am so happy to have seen your first podcast, I can't wait to see more. Let's get together soon, I'm only a few minutes away!!
    Big high-five and way to go!!!!
    PS - This everyday Jane knitter is totally envious of your swag ;)

    1. Yay!!! Thank you for commenting and sharing those awesome ideas for future topics!!! I'm definitely adding them to my list. Yes we need to get together again soon!!! Maybe you can be my next guest!? ;)

  2. I enjoyed your first podcast and I'm excited to see more as DeeSadie gave great suggestions for content. It will become easier the more you do it. Just watch a few other podcast on YouTube. I spend much of my knitting time with podcast. It's such a great way we crafters get to connect.