Friday, August 31, 2012

"Luv R Pacas" Part II - The Fiber!

I finally got around to photographing the yummy yarns and fiber that I brought home with me from Luv R Pacas. As I mentioned in my previous post on Aug. 23rd titled "Luv R Pacas" Part I - A day amongst the Alpacas, they do offer alpacas for sale as well as fiber lots. So needless to say, I indulged myself in choosing 6 hanks of their luxurious yarns. I came home with 1000 yards of alpaca spun yarn that I can play with! I'm really looking forward to creating some new designs with these. They are very lustrous, soft and smooth to the touch. I just love holding and squeezing them! They're so squishy! Mmmm... If I can get past playing with them maybe I'll get them wound into balls that I can actually knit with!  ;)

I chose a variety of gorgeous natural colors to work with. The textures are absolutely wonderful! A knitter's delight! 
I also came home with a sheet/blanket of felted alpaca fiber. This is not a knitted piece. This was created by layering the raw wool and felting it together. This sheet is very unique in that each side has a different look. It measures roughly 3' X 4'. Below you'll see the differences on each side. I photographed one side and then flipped it over and photographed the other side.

Side A

Side B

Which side do you like better? It's a tough choice, but I guess whichever side I choose, I could still make something that would be reversible, thus still showing off both sides! And what on earth would I be planning to make with this huge chunk of fiber you might ask? Well, the options are endless really. One awesome idea would be a hat! I spotted this lovely hat on display the moment we walked in the door. Donna made this gorgeous felted hat from a sheet of felted wool just like the one above. I think it's lovely! Her granddaughter modeled it so that I could take a picture. Isn't she a cutie?

Donna's granddaughter Taryn

Well, I've really enjoyed sharing my photos and telling you all about our trip to the alpaca farm. If you missed Part I and the photos of the alpacas, please read my post titled "Luv R Pacas" Part I - A day amongst the Alpacas.
Go pay Luv R Pacas a visit and tell them I sent you! Hope you've enjoyed my story!


  1. I have never tried to felt before. The new yarn looks so soft.

  2. It is very soft! Once I finish the project I'm working on right now, I plan on using some of my new alpaca yarns! Alpaca is my absolute favorite fiber to work with! :)