Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Family Vacation and Knitting in Tahoe

This post comes to you this evening directly from South Lake Tahoe! Summer is coming to a close and the kids will be going back to school very soon. So we decided to take a little family vacation to South Lake Tahoe before getting back into our regular schedules. This is the first time I've ever been up here and I have to admit that it's even more beautiful than I had imagined. Tahoe has so much more to offer than what I had originally thought. It's definitely not just for skiing! Yesterday we paid a visit to Emerald Bay by way of the Vikingsholm Trail. We hiked down and back up the one-mile trail (with about a 450-foot elevation change) from the parking lot to the bottom of Emerald Bay! It was definitely worth the effort. We had a spectacular view of Fannette Island, which is the only island to be found in all of Lake Tahoe. It is located on the west shore of the lake. It's a sparsely timbered, brush covered upthrust of granite that rises 150 feet above the water.

The view of Fannette Island from Vikingsholm Trail
 There's nothing quite like relaxing in a quaint little house in the middle of a quiet wooded neighborhood. We rented our little home away from home through Homeaway Vacation Rentals. I highly recommend them if you prefer a more private getaway as well as having all the comforts of home. I even found a little time to relax and get some knitting in. I'm working on a new hat design with Skeindalous Yarns! Stay tuned for updates coming soon!

Ah... a cup of coffee and a little knitting in the cabin!

We did quite a bit of walking around town while here. On the first night we walked down to the beach and I had to stop along the way when I saw these Hollyhocks. The color was amazingly beautiful! I think I'm going to have to plant some when I get back home! Just gorgeous!

Last but not least, I love the trees around here. They stand strong and tall in all their beauty. I could just gaze up at them in awe for hours. I'm going to miss this little town. I could see myself living here happily someday. This has been a wonderful vacation. One I won't soon forget!

The view from where I stood at our cabin