Sunday, June 24, 2012

Never Not Knitting

Recently I've really gotten into listening to knitting podcasts. They're especially nice to listen to while doing chores around the house. I would much rather knit than clean house, but tuning into a podcast while accomplishing the task at hand keeps things a little more interesting and less boring! Listening to a podcast also makes for a nice companion while knitting! ;)

One podcast in particular that I would like to mention is Never Not Knitting hosted by Alana Dakos. She keeps me smiling and even laughing with her stories. I had the privilege of meeting Alana at Stitches West this year. Alana and her friend Hannah Fettig came together to produce the book Coastal Knits, a compilation of ten fresh knitwear designs inspired by Alana's California and Hannah's Maine coastlines. Aside from the gorgeous designs and patterns, the photography is also stunning! If you haven't checked out the podcast or the book, they're well worth doing so!

Alana and myself at Stitches West 2012

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